Friday, February 2, 2018

Announcement On Update On My Ancestral Line

Yesterday, before my radio show at 9 AM US Central, I and the President of Ordo Militaris Catholicus, was talking about the new claim made by the Queen of Britain, she said, "my line goes back to the Islamic Prophet of Mohammad" and we thought, that is horrible, and then he asked me to search how many females are in her line before the Throne, the Winsors are not actually Winsors but a German House called House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and they came over to Britain and some how got the throne.  So I went to her personal page, and counted, 31 females before she became Queen, so he asked me, "how many female lines before William the Conqueror on your family?" I counted, only around 14, then asked me from" Saint Lucius?" Only nine I responded, then he asked me about Saint King Edward the Confessor, I replied, it is 885 years between them, he goes through my Danish Line, and counted, only 17 female lines.

So, I am one of many natural heirs to the Throne of England and Great Britain and the United Kingdom.  This changes things, greatly, and so I must accept them.  He then, today, carried on our discussion, "You should make a point of commemorating your Saintly ancestors with a triduum and holy card like tweet. You have a special obligation to spread their devotion, more than nearly all Catholics. The Saints are our best friends. If I were you I would ask them also for a cure, as this is something that they can easily do, if you pledge yourself to be ever faithful to Christ and serve Him, and it be His will."

So, my first thing, was to make this statement, I shared with you in this photo up above. 

Next, God willing, he restores us to the throne, to save all of the UK and Great Britain, my policies on dealing with this migration crisis and corruption in news and government will be very severe and swift. 

On the Migrant Crisis and Islamic Invasion into Europe,  my policy is to shut the borders, end the invasion by placing armed security at the borders, with orders to defend them, even with just force to protect the Kingdom and the Citizens.

Those already inside the Kingdom and Isle, shall be rounded up and those who have committed crimes, violence against the country and citizens, or threatened to do so, they will no longer be treated as ordinary criminals, but enemy combatants, put on a military trial and if found guilty and warrants the death sentence, capital punishment shall be delivered.  If they are found guilty of crimes that do not acquire the death sentence, they will be put in secret prisons, not in public housing, but in solitary confinement for the rest of their life and no prole. 

If they haven't committed crimes or threatened to do crimes against the country and citizens, they will be sent back to their native lands, and their home countries will be billed the cost of flight. 

Now to the corrupt media of the United Kingdom, those who have caused people to get radicalized, or cause people to be threatened, or any harm to innocent persons, your media and news license will be revoked and will be banned from ever being on the TV again, also there will be special pro-cautions setup to make sure you do not have access to publicize ever again, the TV media is for the Truth, sharing of the Truth, Telling the Truth, and exposing the lies.  Not for making up false facts, not for covering for certain Political Ideologies, they are be completely neutral and remain for the Truth and Facts at all times. 

If it warrants the arrest of such and certain news media persons to be arrested, then they shall be arrested, if it found out through a fair trial that they helped someone or certain group of people who want the destruction of the nation or Political Party, then the sentencing shall be determined how severe and what type of Prison Living Conditions to place them in. 

Then to the Political Corruption, if anyone in the Government of the Kingdom, was using their position to hurt the country or support a group of people or an organization that wanted to hurt the country and it's citizens, then these politicians would be removed from their position by the Police in hand cuffs, if it determines the organization is a terrorist one, then they will be tried before a Military Trial and not a Civil One, the Punishments will be Just and Severe, depending the finds and verdicts. 

This goes for the Police and Judges and Lawyers as well. 

Now my many thanks and great gratitude to everyone at Britain First; Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, you too must be pardoned immediately, Knighted as Protectors of the Kingdom, same for Tommy Robinson! These people have been wrongly persecuted by the corrupt media, politicians, judges, lawyers for protecting their nation, their kingdom and exposing everything that is destroying the great Kingdom. 

I would restore the lands taken by the Protestant Revolt in the time of Henry VIII and later down the line, and give back the land to the Catholic Church and to the Latin Mass Groups faithful to the Catholic Church, to restore the great abbyies of Cluny, the great Benedictine Abbyies, The Great Carmelite Monastery where St. Simon Stock was a monk, etc.  Including Westminster Abbey and the Benedictine Abby of Canterbury and the Cathedral  back to Traditional Benedictine Monks.

Next, I would restore the National Treasury, so that the bank does not have to print the money and force the people to pay taxes on it, so this would send more money back to the departments that needed, Health Care, Fire and Rescue, Police; also re-issuing the arming of all Police, and giving the citizens the Second Amendment to carry lawfully, they must be legal and lawful citizens, go through a back ground check, mental health check, then proper classes and training, then the government will give a special voucher to purchase a firearm and ammo. 

This would also fix the housing problem, make it more affordable to buy homes and to build new ones. 

We would scrap the Communist Healthcare system, for a more Catholic Healthcare system, where it is affordable, no wait times, totally pro-life, no abortions or contraception. 

That is all for now. 


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