Monday, March 12, 2018

What In The Heck Is Wrong With The United Kingdom? 9 AM Central, 10 AM Eastern, 3 PM UK

Okay, today, will be speaking on the many horrible things going on in the United Kingdom, and one huge problem that has hurt the women of the UK for many years, 'Revealed: Police Failed To Act as 1,000 Girls Beaten, Pimped, Raped and Even KILLED Over 40 Years in Britain's Worst Grooming Scandal'

Then, we will cover some new problems going on in the UK, especially why the Police in the UK did nothing to protect the Independent Journalist Tommy Robinson and his news crew against a gang of Antifa terrorists who beat the living snot out of Tommy and everyone, and the Police have done nothing, and when Tommy went over to ask them, "why didn't you help us? Are you going after them?" The Police responded, "no, we aren't going after them, because we don't know who they are."  Which is just rubbish, plus what happened to a conservative member from Austria and an American Catholic Journalist; came into the UK and was detained and deported.

This show is about telling the truth, exposing the dangers, Time for some hard hitting stuff on this.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

British Journalist Attacked By Left Wing Extremists

My dear citizens of the United Kingdom and most of all our beloved England, if you haven't noticed by now, it has become a weird liberal Police State, where the Police will help all, except those who are Conservative and those who want to defend the history and tradition of our Isle of Britain.  This video above my family's colors, is of the Independent Journalist Tommy Robinson, he was beaten and so was his film crew and other people who help him, by a gang of leftist masked thugs and the Police did not bloody care to protect him or the crew, or go after them.

The excuse of the police was, "we don't know who they are, so we can't go after them."  I do believe that was a lie, because they know everything of everyone who is a leftist gang or Islamic Terrorist or those they feel threatened by, those like us who stand up for Truth, British Heritage and Way of Life.

Another group of conservative journalists are still detained, Britanny Pettibone; a personal follower of mine on my Radio Twitter Account, and so is her journalist partner. 

Then two personal Gab Friends, of the Britain First Political Party, Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding were charged with hate crimes for exposing a Muslim Gang Rape Shop, so they were sent to 36 Months of Prison for telling the truth. 

Yet, Prime Minister May and the Government welcomes home UK Daesh Terrorists with welfare, homes and rights protected

It is easy to tell you this being an American Citizen and living in America, if I lived in our beloved country, I might not be able to.  If what is going on is not considered a true Security Threat to the citizens of the UK and of the World, by what is going on in the UK, then the entire current government needs to be abolished for the sake and security of the citizens and the those who visit. 

I know the history and friendship of the United States and Great Britain is important, but right now, the current government is a threat to the West and to the United States, with them welcoming back home the Islamic Terrorists of Daesh, so I think the policy with them needs to change, in order to make a strict policy change in the UK Government. 

This needs to be done, so no hatred of conservatives, no hatred of those who love our country, history and heritage, and protection of our way of life, and no longer appeasing and giving aide and comfort to the enemy. 


Great Grandson to Saint King Edward the Confessor.

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