Monday, August 27, 2018

An Open Letter to Jorge Bergoglio who is Pope Francis.

As my ancestor King Philip IV’s letter to the Pope denouncing him and his writings, made the teachers of the University of Paris to sign, except Blessed John Duns Scotus.
This letter will be in that style.

Andrew, the 38th great grandson of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, 38th Great Grandson of King Henry II, King Louis VII of France, former husband of Eleanor; of the House of Wessex, Briton, Plantagenet, of the Angevin Empire, of the House of Capet and Bourbon, the 45th Great Grandson of King Hugh of Capet, 42nd Great Nephew of Saint King Louis IX, 1st Cousin of 57 Generations of Charlemagne, 57th Great Grandson of Charles Martel, Possible Duke of Anjou and Aquitaine due blood relation, of the House of Savoy, of the Carolingian Empire, the 49th Great Grandson of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto I, of the House of Lorraine and Habsburg, plus other Royal Houses of Europe.

Greetings dear sir in the name of the Crucified Christ and Our Blessed Mother.

I do not call you by the Title His Holiness, for you have stained this office given by Christ to Saint Peter, through your not dealings of the many wolves in sheep clothing, who look and sound like clergy, but instead of demons hiding in the clothing of the Bishop, Priest, maybe even Deacons, who knows.  Thanks be to God for the bravery and acting on the Heroic Virtues of the Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, speaking the truth that you have hid and did everything to protect these demons in clerical garb.

As my ancestors shed their blood to defend Christendom from the advances and invasion of the Islam, which is now happening again; you sir are allowing the Satanic minions hold in Holy Mother Church, causing the faithful to be scandalized, and even causing some to wonder if they should leave the Bride of Christ?  I say to them, do not leave on the part of the doings of the followers of Judas, betraying Our Blessed Lord again and again for years now.

That is correct Jorge, I called you the follower of Judas and I urge all faithful to remain faithful to Christ, His bride the Church, to remain faithful to the Divine Teachings revealed to us, to be faithful and remain faithful to the Church Fathers, Doctors of the Church and all the Holy Saints and no longer follow anything you do or say.

I also urge the faithful and remaining faithful clergy, small in number these clergy members may be, but to denounce the next Holy Father and election if it is one of the same Judases you promoted to the rank of Cardinal.

I urge all the countries where known sex abuse by the hands of the clergy begin to do a cleaning house and remove the criminals and lock them up for life and to have them stripped from being a cleric and become a laity.  While yes they are criminals, they must be put in a monk habit, placed in a solitary monastery in the desert, where they spend the rest of their life on their knees before the Blessed Sacrament; repenting, doing excessive penances; including the lash, as Saint Basil laid out.
I close by saying, May Our Blessed Lord keep cleaning out the filth hurting the sons and daughters of Holy Mother Church, His Bride!

Sincerely In Christ Crucified,

Andrew J Baalman.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

How Socialist Is the United Kingdom?

The Coat of Arms of St. Edward the Confessor

The Royal Coat of Arms of the House of Hanover

The Royal Coat of Arms of the House of Stuart

So my dear people of the United Kingdom, are you living in a Socialist Country? Well, let us look to one of your policies as a whole, Animal Welfare, where does this come from?

This policy is none other than actual and real Socialism by Karl Marx.  It comes from the official Socialism Website and is part of their official position.

Do you know what is the difference between the United Kingdom and the National Socialist Party of Germany in World War Two? Not much, both countries chooses who shall live and who shall die; AKA, Alfie Evans and others, Adolph Hitler also had the same policies, and he made sure to protect Animals over Humans, through what policy the UK Government has, Animal Welfare.

Does this screenshot seem familiar?

It should, it is the same exact Government Policies in place right now in the United Kingdom and being pushed in the For Britain Party.

Do you know what else the United Kingdom Government has that is same with Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Party? Limiting and hindering Freedom of Speech!

Theresa May Government is clearly siding with forces which are opposed to Free Speech and in favor of withdrawing protection from Christians.

So how Socialist is the United Kingdom? 100% Socialist, even though the leading party in Government is the Tories, which are to be 100% Conservative and against 100% everything Socialism, Communism, and anything else that is against this Christian Nation!

The Tories, are no better than the Communist Labor Party, for they are one in the same! Oh how far my dear Cousin’s Party has fallen, who is my cousin? Winston Spencer Churchill!

Oh how my dear country has fallen, how the false monarchy in place from Germany has failed the United Kingdom, how the parliament has failed the people, allowed the enemies of Great Britain to come in and change everything, taken everything, our history, traditions, the Catholic Faith, and replaced it with all the enemies of Christ, our Holy Mother and of the Realm!

Great Britain and all of the United Kingdom is in need of complete 180 turn to remove all this filth, to remove every single enemy of Christ, our Blessed Mother, and our Holy Mother the Church and the realm, because if this does not change, because further away you will be led against Christ and His Bride the Church, whose children are the people of the United Kingdom, for England and the UK is called Mary’s Dowry!

Andrew, member of the true Royal House of Wessex and others shown in the coat of arms.
Unpaid Volunteer of Ordo Militaris Catholicus

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