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New Gatestone Institute Report: Denmark In A State Of Unreported Collapse

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My Fellow Danes, this report is shocking, but not too shocking; we knew who follows International European news and how certain European Countries are dying, because of the governments who have implemented Socialism and we can see how Socialism is destroying our heritage.  It is erasing the history and how we live, Traditional Danish Culture, which is entirely Catholic.  You can see how the current socialist government is replacing Danes with Islamic Immigrants, or non Western Immigrants.

From the Gatestone Institute Report:

"Population Projections In 1960, the population of Denmark was 4,580,708. Today, that number stands at 5,768,712. This growth appears to be largely due to immigration.

In 2016, Statistics Denmark projected that the country will have 507,000 "non-Western" immigrants by the year 2060, and 342,000 "non-Western descendants."

"Descendants", however, include only the first generation after the person who migrated. So the official figures do not show the real picture.

In 1989, a private organization, "The Danish Association", published an alternative projection as part of a special edition of the group's periodical Danskeren (September 1989, p. 3, not available on the internet.) The article, published anonymously -- revealing the degree of political correctness and self-censorship required in Denmark even then -- predicted that immigration would remain relatively static, regardless of foreseeable insufficient attempts to tighten legislation. This prediction has turned out to be almost correct up to now.

The article predicted about 1.1 million immigrants around 2020, in accordance with what can be seen in current statistics if you include the third generation of newcomers as well as the probable number of unregistered foreigners.

If the population statistics continue to follow this pattern, ethnic Danes -- whose birthrate is far lower than that of non-Western immigrants – will become a minority sometime around the year 2065. This is in fact quite likely to happen, as immigrants defined as "refugees" continue to enter the country; and others, such as arrivals of family members and "walk-ins," are rarely able to be returned to their countries of origin."

"Employment and Social Welfare
According to a 2017 report by Statistics Denmark, only about half of non-Western immigrants between the ages of 16 and 64 are employed (53% of men and 45% of women). When broken down into countries of origin, however, major differences among migrants were revealed -- with the employment rate being particularly low among those hailing from Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia and Syria.
Analyzing Statistics Denmark data, the Danish Employers Confederation revealed that in 2016, 41.5% of non-Western immigrants were on welfare, while only 17.5% of ethnic Danes were supported by the same benefits. In 2017, a third of all the people provided for by Denmark's basic social-welfare system were immigrants, which constitutes a rise of 82% in a mere seven years.
These figures show that the public expenses connected to immigration will, in the long run, bring the welfare state to an end."

Danes are being replaced, only the Danes are working, but the problem to the country is the high number of these invaders stealing from the country and getting welfare from the government, so the socialist government is killing the country by allowing these invaders to not assimilate or follow the culture, if they do not want to live how the Danes live, speak Danish, then kick their butts out, end this robbing of the welfare, they are robbing the money put in by the hard working Danish people.

The government is trying to make these invaders go to school, which is good, but are not succeeding and failing, only the Danes are doing well. So the invaders aren't able to do the school work or a question is, are they not willing to do the work because they believe in their belief that the West is Evil?

Next, from the Report:

"The Economy
According to a February 2018 Danish Finance Ministry report, the government's net annual expenditure on non-Western immigrants in 2015 was 36 billion Danish kroner -- approximately $5 billion USD. As there are approximately 5 million ethnic Danes, the taxpayer cost borne by each individual, in effect, came to $1,000 per year, or $4,000 for a family of four.
That figure, however, only refers to public budgets directly related to immigrants. It does not include the additional indirect public funds spent on law enforcement, schools, social security administration and other ancillary matters, due to the presence of non-Western immigrants.
It will not be possible in the long run to finance these rapidly growing expenditures."

They are spending way too much to give care and aid to the invaders who do not want to live how the Danes live. So the country is going broke because of it.

So the next one is, is it safe in Denmark? No it is not and who is causing all this crime?

"According to the Statistics Denmark report, the crime rate among in 2017 was 35% higher among non-Western male immigrants and 145% higher among male descendants of non-Western immigrants than in the Danish male general population. It should be noted that the figures are misleading, since third-generation descendants of immigrants are counted as Danes also in this context. Male descendants of immigrants from Lebanon - many of whom were, according to the report, stateless Palestinians -- followed by male descendants of immigrants from Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, Morocco and Syria -- rated the highest for crime."

So what is needed to end this crime? Stop the Invaders, the Police know these fellows and so does the government, they have lists of them, grow a back bone, go against the tide, round them up, ship them back to their Islamic Hell Holes.

Now the Polls and Political Fallout:

Polls have been taken among immigrants. Examples: In 2006 young adult Muslims in Denmark proved to be more religious that their parents; half of them even thought that freedom of speech should give way for consideration of religious rules and traditions (reported in Jyllands-Posten 21/5 2006). Only 59% of the Muslims though that the constitution alone should be the basis for Danish legislation. More than a third of the Muslims in Denmark felt more connected to their country of origin than to Denmark (Jyllands-Posten 13/5 2006). Four out of 10 boys of Turkish and Lebanese background expect their mother to be at home to take care of family and children (Jyllands-Posten 12/11 2008). About half of the Muslims polled thought that Israel has no right to exist. Other polls show the same depressing picture.

Political Fallout

Do not be fooled by the much-publicized burqa ban that went into effect in Denmark in August 2018. For one thing, it has rarely been enforced -- only 13 fines in half a year. Moreover, those who wish to oppose the idea of equality between men and women are free to go to countries where such dress-codes are welcomed.

Do not trust other media stories running along the same lines, either. Suffering refugees are not forced to live on a remote island. Only foreign criminals "convicted of crimes and slated for deportation under the terms of their sentences" will be housed there. And they will even be given ferry rides to the mainland, under the excuse that this is necessary due to "international conventions".

Refugees are not "stripped" of their valuables at the border. Jewelry and assets exceeding a value of 10,000 Danish kroner ($1,500 USD) have to be handed in to the authorities to help pay for those seeking asylum. Just as Danes do not get social welfare money if they have valuables that enable them to provide for themselves. The actions by the border-control authorities on this are subject to control by the courts.

Other examples of media disinformation on Denmark abound.

The political climate in Denmark is such that even Prime Minister Poul Schlüter (served 1982-1993), a conservative, at a time when there was a discussion in 1989 of reversing the then recently-passed catastrophic immigration legislation, was prevented by the private but heavily subsidized organization Danish Refugee Council from meeting with a representative of the most prominent anti-immigration organization. [1]

Most of all, due largely to the left-wing media, most Danes fail to understand how serious the problem is that the country is facing from the influx of non-Westerners, whose children and grandchildren in unsettling numbers do not appear to be adopting Danish culture and values, and who seem to resist assimilation. It is thus highly unlikely that any political party that opposes immigration will find support among voters to influence legislation enough to meet the country's urgent needs."

So the Muslims who invaded Denmark, who won't assimilate, who do not do well at school, either they aren't able to or won't, want to remain living their Muslim way of life, when they enter the West, they are to change how they live and act, no more Sharia Law, no more forcing women to do things that are against human rights.  But as you can see, nothing has changed, they just do their own thing and get away with it, because local government leaders and the Federal leaders of the government; does nothing to make sure these people become citizens, get off of welfare, give up their Jihadi ties and belief; aka, Sharia Law; live how the Danes live, no more Burkas, no more religious dress, no more anything.

What Needs To Happen?

Denmark needs to get their fellow citizens who have left to have dual citizenship, especially those who have long historic lines of Danish History; if they can't, promote the Catholic History of Denmark, get the history being shared and told.  Next, we need to have Trump like candidates who are Pro Traditional Family, Pro Traditional Marriage, restore Catholic Principles back into Denmark, and end the Islamic Invasion of Denmark, End their crime spree, ban totally the Burka, invoke the law and charge anyone who wears it.

Either have the same style of Prime Minister or restore the Catholic Monarchy with full power, to protect the nation, protect the history and culture, and protect the Danish People!

Next, Tax breaks, as Prime Minister Orban is doing for Hungary, to implement Traditional Family Ideology, and whoever has large families, who are Danish Citizens, will not have to pay income tax or anything, also have help when they must stay home from work. No more wasting money on the invaders, use the money to grow the Police, EMT, Fire and Rescue, and hospitals.

No more promoting Abortion, no more contraception, no more fake gay marriage, no more radical socialist agendas on climate change, no more European Union, Denmark be Denmark!

What should be followed regarding care of Creation, needs to follow St. John of Damascus; who is a Doctor of the Church:

"From the writings of St. John of Damascus; from his excellent work explaining and teaching us the Faith in his work, Orthodox Faith: Book Two; he; St. John of Damascus; tells us exactly what God had in mind for the earth, the waters of the earth, plants and the animals.  It is totally different than what is happening by many; especially within the Church. 

"In these last the divine command implanted the power to grow, to absorb nourishment, and to seed, that is, to reproduce their kind.  Then at the Creator's command there came forth every sort of animal: creeping things, and wild beasts, and cattle.  Everything was for the suitable use of man.  Of the animals, some were for food, such as deer, sheep, gazelles, and the like; some for work, such as camels, oxen, horses, asses, and the like; still others for diversion, such as monkeys and such birds as magpies, parrots, and the like.  Of the plants and herbs, some were fruit-bearing and some edible, and some, such as the rose and the like, were fragrant and flowering and were given us for our enjoyment; and still others were given us for curing of diseases.  For there is no animal or plant in which the Creator has not put some virtue that is of use for the needs of man.  He knew all things before they were made and He saw that man in his freedom would fall and be given over to corruption; yet for man's suitable use He made all the things that are in the sky and on the earth and in the water."  Page 228, Chapter 10, The Fount of Knowledge, The Orthodox Faith, Book Two

Saint John of Damascus was born in 645 AD and died 749 AD."

So this is what is needed, and if Denmark does this, it will be reborn and not die.


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