Saturday, October 19, 2019

Remaining Faithful Clergy, Defend The Faith!

Blessed Pope Callixtus II, My Second Great Uncle

Saint Bruno the Great, Archbishop of Cologne Germany, My 50th Great Uncle

Reverend Deacons, Priests, Your Excellencies, Your Eminences,

it is time for you to stand up and defend the Faith! Get away from the Socialist heretic bishops of your countries, confront them, correct them.  But, there is a present and critical danger happening at the Vatican full of Communists from South America and Amazonian Pagans doing their Pagan Rituals on Consecrated Grounds, churches and even in the Basilica of Saint Peter’s!

I call on you in the name of my Two Great Uncles and Defend The Faith! Put down your pens, type writers, computers and stop putting out books and movies, go into the Vatican and chase out the heretics, destroy the pagan idols, disrupt the Fake Anti-Catholic Synod, Call out your brother Bishops for their heresy and pagan worship!

It is time for the like of Lifesite News, The Lepanto Institute, Church Militant/Saint Michael’s Media and others to unite with you, go into Rome to do Eucharistic Processions, Marian Processions, The Procession of Saint Michael the Archangel that Pope Saint Gregory the Great did, and you Cardinals and Bishops lead the priests who are still faithful to Christ and His Bride, The Church and do the Rite of Exorcism on the Vatican! The Laity and Deacons pray the Rosary with you.

Then do the 40 Hour Devotions in Reparation To Christ’s Sacred Heart for the blatant heresy and pagan worship and promotion in the Vatican by one Jorge Bergoglio and these Heretic German Bishops and Heretic Bishops of South America!

I call you out Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Sarah, Cardinal Muller, Cardinal Brandmuller, Cardinal Arinze, Bishop Schneider to stop doing press conferences in releasing your new books and go to Rome and do battle against Satan and the evil happening in the Vatican! I also urge you to go to Pope Benedict XVI and urge him to call out Jorge Bergoglio and all these heretical bishops and priests promoting pagan worship!

Do you have the courage, bravery, love of Jesus Christ and love of Holy Mother Church to do this that is not comfortable? 

If you are true Shepherds and Imitator of the Good Shepherd, then you will do this!


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