Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Saint Simon's Church In Scotland Vandalized!

My dear people of Glasgow, it is heart breaking to see these photos on Facebook about Saint Simon's being vandalized.  Report by Church Militant On The Vandalism

"In an email response to Church Militant, a member of the Scottish Catholic apostolate Sancta Familia Media (SFM) recounted the damages incurred at St. Simon's in Glasgow under the condition of anonymity: "The church is open daily and this vandalism happened during day hours. A statue of the Sacred Heart was smashed. A Marian shrine and altar attire were scattered."
Addressing the Holy Family vandalism, Church Militant's source wrote: "Last week, our parish had 'F*& The Pope' scrawled in big letters on a bus stop outside our Church."

"As noted by Glaswegian police, there's no concrete evidence supporting whether the crimes were random attacks by destructive vandals or premeditated attacks against Catholic-specific targets.
However, Catholic churches, relics, clergy and laity have been subjected to decades of sectarian hostility in Scotland. For example, the Orange Order is a Protestant group frequently at odds with Catholics in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The Orange Order is named after William III of Orange, who defeated James II, the last Catholic monarch of England, Scotland and Ireland, in 1690 at the Battle of the Boyne. The battle is commemorated each June 12, most prominently in Northern Ireland and Scotland."  Bruce Walker For Church Militant News

It is true that Anti-Catholicism is on the rise in Great Britain, due to the rise of Islam and also secularism; where Catholics are being attacked, charged with calling someone the right gender according to Christian Teaching, but "wrong" gender according to secularists. 

So, be vigilant, do not shy away from your Faith, do security watches at your churches, get security cameras, so your parishes are protected and handover the video to the police to catch the bad guys.

Stay strong, do these security measures, protect your churches.


It looks to be Protestant Attacks on the Church, but with this attack happening in the day time, you need to patrol your churches, have cameras; both image taking and video, and hand directly to the Police to catch these attackers. 

God bless you,


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Scotland Wants Independence Again? Then Leave The European Union

So, the secular leader of modern Scotland, friend and crony of the European Union, Niccola Sturgeon wants a second referendum to "on Scottish independence before 2021, less than five years after Scots rejected the vote on separating from the rest of the United Kingdom." 

“If we are to safeguard Scotland’s interests, we cannot wait indefinitely. That is why I consider that a choice between Brexit and a future for Scotland as an independent European nation should be offered in the lifetime of this Parliament,” she told Scottish lawmakers in Holyrood."  “If Scotland is taken out of the E.U., the option of a referendum on independence within that timescale must be open to us. That would be our route to avoiding the worst of the damage Brexit will do,” she said."  Fox News: Scottish Leader Announces Plans For New Independence Referendum In Wake Of Brexit Chaos, April 24th 2019

She does not listen to the people, they voted to remain in the United Kingdom, she only cares about keeping her spot in the European Union and allowing people who are not voted in by the Scottish People to rule them in Brussels. 

This is not true independence, Scotland fought, bled and died for their real independence from England and then they joined the United Kingdom; I agree, Scotland should be for Scotland; no one else, Scots ruling Scots. Jobs for Scots, not outsiders doing them or taking them from the European Union.

No more being ruled and dictated by those in Brussels, it is time for Scotland to return to being Scotland; learning the language of Scotland, it's history, traditions, even returning to Catholicism brought to them by St. Peter's brother, Saint Andrew and the return of the Catholic Monarchy!

No more secularism, no more returning to Paganism, no more slaughter of children in Abortion, no more supporting things that kill the elderly, infirm, disabled, back to being God Fearing Scots!

As I and I am sure others who are out there, hopefully still in Scotland want the same, but it is highly doubtful, due to how it seems people in Europe were taught to forget their history and traditions, and to be ashamed of them; which is ridiculous and very wrong.  How can you be Scottish and not know your history of your country, but most of all, your family, your ancestors?  Both the good and the bad. 

To get back what is lost, Scotland must become Scotland once again! Not the Monarchy for show like in England and Spain, but a True Catholic Monarchy that holds the power to control the country.  But no Lords as in the days of William Wallace that betrayed Scotland and it's people, the people can go to the King and Queen for whatever they need, and tell them any concerns, ideas, whatever to help Scotland.

This way Scotland can control it's borders and waters, and it's currency, return to how bread, cheese and other items were made; in artisan fashion without being controlled, yet still safe to eat and drink, and able to fish wherever. Plus taxes lower, more money for local and other types of governmental offices; Police, Fire and Rescue, EMT, better healthcare; no more socialist healthcare.  No more wait, if you need to see the doctor, you get in, need a procedure, able to get it soon and not wait.

That is true independence, not this fake independence being pushed by Sturgeon!


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Muslim Migrant Arrested For Smashing 800 Year Old French Basilica Holding Tombs of French Kings

"Muslim Migrant Arrested for Smashing 800-Year-Old French Basilica Holding Tombs of French Kings
The judge delayed the trial and ordered a psychiatric evaluation of the Pakistani national.  Apparently, Islam is a mental illness. The migrant(s) smashed the 19th century stained glass windows and the nearly 200-year-old organ. The 800-year old church holds the tomb of jihadslayer Charles Martel.

Vandalism of churches across France has become a major issue, with nine churches across the country vandalised in just 11 days in February. Some of the damage had included thefts, while others featured grotesque acts such as the smearing of faeces on the walls of a church in Nîmes. Just last month the second largest church in Paris was damaged by fire, which police have said was deliberately started. Dramatic images from the scene showed flames pouring out of a “massive” porch door and stained glass window, although fortunately the Paris Pompiers were able to put out the blaze before it spread to the rest of the building.

In the aftermath of the attack on the church, French right-wing leader Laurent Wauquiez hit out at the mainstream media for ignoring the story of church attacks in France, remarking that the amount of coverage the stories got was “tiny,” reports London’s The Times.

On Monday, another tragedy struck one of France’s most iconic cathedrals as the roof of the Notre Dame cathedral caught fire, causing widespread damage to the building."

"Pakistani Migrant Faces Trial for Smashing Historic Church Holding Tombs of French Kings
A 41-year-old Pakistani migrant will face trial after vandalising the Saint-Denis Basilica, the home of the tombs of many French Kings including Charles Martel.

The Pakistani origin male, who had arrived in France only two months ago, will stand trial in Bobigny next month, accused of causing serious damage to the main organ of the basilica as well as smashing stained glass windows in an apparent attack that took place in March, Le Parisien reports.
While in court for his initial hearing, the Pakistani, who does not speak any French, said through a translator: “I do not know how I am concerned with this case.”

When asked if he would like time to prepare his defence, he told the court he did not understand the French justice system.

According to the court, the man had already been accused of vandalism of property in February and that his DNA had been found in the basilica by investigators which led to his arrest.
The migrant claimed ignorance of the judicial process which forced the judge to question whether or not he was purposely trying to not understand what was occurring. As a result, the judge delayed the trial until May 10th and ordered a psychiatric evaluation of the Pakistani national.
When the incident occurred in March, the damage to the organ was said to be extensive by Saadia Tamelikecht, head of the departmental unit of architecture and heritage of the heavily migrant-populated Seine-Saint-Denis suburbs.

The vandalism also came just over a year after the basilica was stormed by pro-migrant activists alongside illegal migrants to protest the French government’s reforms to asylum laws, with police having to forcibly remove them after around an hour of occupation." From BreitBart News

To the French Police in Paris and Saint Denis, You have a duty to protect the tombs of our Kings and My Ancestors, who would be Your King if the Monarchy would be restored, this is just not this Louis Bourbon, but also myself, people need to realize this. 

To do this, those who don't have much to do, you an assign them to do this.  These tombs must be protected, they are not just normal burial spots, but the burial spots of my ancestors and Your Kings and Queens, which must be defended and protected!

These Islamic Invaders who cause these problems, attacking churches, arrest them, deport them, place some sort of tracker, either a special tracker out paint or something that can't be washed off, if they cross back into France, the tracker will sound a signal to the police and military to remove them.

Protect your history, protect your culture, protect your Kings and Queens, even when they are in their tombs!


Protect Notre Dame Cathedral!

Coat of Arms For My 45th Great Grandfather, King Hugh of Capet

To the French Catholics, to all Catholics, we must do what we can, to save Notre Dame Cathedral from the Globalists who want to remake it into their own image!

Let us start with Emmanuel Macron:


Then Apple's Tim Cook From The Business Insider

These guys do not think of Notre Dame for what it is, a church where souls are saved, where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered, where the other Sacraments are offered, plus one of few places allowed in France to offer the Latin Mass. 

These guys only see it as a museum and place of culture and history, they do not actually care about Notre Dame Cathedral, you can see it in their statements, so I urge you, even Catholic Lawyers, whatever it can be done legally, protect this Holy Site, where the relics of Saints are kept and venerated, even the relics of Our Lord's Sacred Passion is venerated; His Holy Crown and a nail.

This church is highly important for Catholicism in France and Catholicism in the West, we cannot let this Cathedral go the way of Hagia Sophia, to just be a museum, it must remain a church.

God bless you and Blessed Holy Wednesday of Passion Week 2019


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Notre Dame Survived!

Coat of Arms of my 45th Great Grandfather, King Hugh of Capet
Coat of Arms of the Duke of Anjou

As we were watching the News coverage and coverage online, it looked awful, it seemed awful, I even got sick to my stomach, super sad and seemed like Notre Dame would be no more.  But when the fire went out and sun came up, Notre Dame still stands:

It is a mixture of a true and full miracle, and the awesome 13th Century building style of this amazing church. 

To Father Fournier and the Fire Fighters of Paris, your Faith and love of God was on full display for the whole world and how you saved the Crown of Thorns, numerous other relics and works of art, and I personally want to thank you for saving my Great Uncle, King Louis IX's hair shirt.  If I could, I would love to meet you all and thank you in person, maybe, if my uncle's sword is still around, allowed to touch it and then Knight you for your service for France and for the Church!

God bless you and Keep you, and Protect You, Sir Protectors of the Church!


45th Great Grandson of King Hugh of Capet, 42nd Great Nephew of Saint King Louis IX.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

In Defense of The Diocese Alcalá de Henares

Royal Coat of Arms of Spain
Royal Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Castile and Leon
Saint King Ferdinand III, My Great Grandfather

¡ A Pedro Rollán, Vicepresidente del gobierno regional de Madrid, al Consejo de política social, bendito Domingo de Palma!

Como puedes ver, mis títulos ancestrales han sido mostrados aquí en mi blog ancestral y en este post.  Ahora, en el nombre de Dios y de la Santa Católica España, por qué están tú atacando la diócesis de Alcalá de Henares, después de que un periodista se dirigió a ellos en términos falsos, sólo para ponerlos en marcha, porque van contra el statu quo de la iglesia en el intento de salvar a todas las almas del infierno , incluyendo aquellos con atracción homosexual?

Así que querido SIRS y Ma'ams, ¿no ves que esto fue una trampa desde el principio? ¿Ya no defiendes y proteges a la iglesia de esos flagrantes ataques anticatolicismo?  Para el actual rey de España, es su trabajo, aunque limitado en el poder, gracias a ser el mismo estilo de la monarquía como el del Reino Unido, al menos defender la iglesia católica en España?  ¿Sigues reclaman ser católico?  Entonces, para todo lo que es bueno y sagrado, ¡ actúa como él!

A los buenos y fieles miembros de la diócesis de Alcalá de Henares, estad seguros de mi apoyo y oraciones también.   Usted está haciendo un buen trabajo para ayudar a estas personas a reclamar que se hacen en la imagen y semejanza de Dios, y sacar de la inmundicia para mejores cosas, para convertirse en un Santo!



English Translation:

To Pedro Rollán, Vice President of Madrid's Regional Government, to the Council on Social Policy, Blessed Palm Sunday to you!

As you can see, my ancestral titles have been shown here on my ancestral blog and on this post.  Now, In The Name of God and of Holy Catholic Spain, why are you attacking the Diocese of Alcalá de Henares, after a Journalist went to them on false terms, just to setup them up, because they go against the Anti-Church’s Status Quo in trying to save all souls from Hell, including those with homosexual attraction?

So dear Sirs and Ma’ams, do you not see this was a setup from the start? Do you no longer defend and protect the Church from such blatant Anti-Catholicism Attacks?  To the current King of Spain, is your job, even though limited in power, thanks to being the same style of Monarchy as that of the United Kingdom, to at least defend the Catholic Church in Spain?  You still claim to be Catholic?  Then for all that is good and holy, Act like it!

To the good and faithful members of the Diocese of Alcala de Henares, be assured of my support and prayers as well.   You are doing good work in helping these people reclaim they are made in the Image and Likeness of God, and getting them out of the filth for better things, to become a Saint!

Sincerely Yours,


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